March 26, 2016



The mission of the IMA Academy is to develop whole, healthy, and confident individuals free themselves from fear, negativity, and delusions. Through the core training and teachings of the warrior way we continually explore the path of personal power and cut through all limitation and self doubt increasing in overall self knowledge. We continually aim to help as many others as possible living a self supported life and cultivate their own harmonic and holistic nature.

By aiding in the development of each individual we aim to maximize and strengthen the foundation of society, families, and communities. We believe in a rich personal education and supportive environment is the key to happiness and a path of maximized health, relationships, and prosperity.

By understanding a holistic well balanced life we can see natural universal principles and commonalities that connect all things and gain the timeless ancient wisdom in our daily lives. Hence we do not train to overpower or abuse negativity and create more of it, rather to understand, redirect, and teach respect for all of life as we gain greater mental and physical ability. By continually studying our daily world and self relating to physics, anatomy, physiology, psychology, and spirituality we gain more tactical advantage over the battle within. A committed and disciplined path is the way to enhance every part of your being and the endless gift that keeps giving to you and those around you. The true gift of training is not a belt or rank but the true virtue of understanding the big picture and the daily choice of continual self expansion.

Understanding and knowing ones internal state is a necessity for the warrior and a continual development in one’s life journey. By checking one’s own ego, negativity, and delusions we can gain clear mental space and transform them into harmony, positivity, and truth. This is a necessity for passing onto new and higher levels of awareness and freedom in the life and in the arts in our school. This is the way seek to create more beauty by really showing it in ourselves, walking the talk, and not just on a belt or a patch. When one knows it is shown by their actions, and so they pass on to higher levels of training, ability, expression, and give the teachings to those whom are to come after.